Undertale – The Most Soulful Game Ever


Undertale is not just a game. It’s a magical combination of moods, colors, impressions, genuine feelings, and something else from childhood that words cannot express. These features make the game a piece of fine art. It’s like a song that you listen to only on special occasions. Sorry for being sentimental, but it’s the only way to express the overall impression of this game. If you want a more traditional look on the game, read this Undertale Review.

Becoming Modern Classic

Undertale creator Toby Fox was inspired by classic JRPGs like Earthbound for SNES. You play for a kid who got trapped in the underworld full of monsters. It’s impossible to get back without meeting them. The great thing is that every meeting has three scenario development options. All monsters behave following the way you treat them. The philosophical idea behind this uncomplicated key gameplay feature is very deep. Every being, no matter how horrendous it is, needs a proper approach and understanding.

You are free to make friends with monsters (even if you don’t like them) or confront them and fight to the death. I couldn’t just go the brutal way as I did in Mass Effect, for example. That’s hard to believe, but you can complete the game doing no harm to anyone. I did so and felt something like purity and a bit of sadness because I didn’t always choose to be peaceful in real life. This indie game is a true digital masterpiece. It is sapiential as if it was a good adventure book. That’s a collective opinion of all my colleagues from Indie games.download.


The Way To Mutual Understanding Is Thorny

As I’ve already mentioned, you can make no harm to monsters, but avoiding fights in Undertale is impossible anyway. Even the cute Greater Dog at the very beginning tries to kill you. Its regular job is to kill strangers, you know. You can only manage to survive attacks. All attacks are in bullet-hell style. You have to avoid flying objects (form and trajectories depend on a boss) by moving a heart pictogram with arrow buttons or a gamepad stick to stay alive. If you succeed, you get more chances to say something reconciling in breaks between attacks.

The commands you choose may have various effects. For example, you can ignore Greater Dog four times in a row during the fight to make it feel boring and let you go. This is a neutral way without positive consequences. Try to beckon it, pet, then play and pet two times more to spare the boss. This will allow you to become friends and say goodbye with warm feelings.

Another example. If you mess with the Papyrus skeleton and kill him, then Anodyne fishlike-monster will hate you for killing her close friend. There will be no way to appease the heartbroken monster. You won’t be able to give her water during the battle in Hotland. You also won’t figure out that she knows Asgor’s (her boss) favorite tea. She won’t tell you to be nice to Napstablook ghost who grieves for his departed cousin. Avoiding the peaceful way you also miss loads of hilarious or subtle humor: “Congratulations! You failed the puzzle!” or a sign with “Warning! A dog marriage. You got it right.” Such jokes appear in the game frequently, and they always cause at least a genial smile.

All monsters in Undertale are real people wearing masks that protect them from those who are unable to make an effort and understand the real state of things. At the same time, the variability of choices makes Undertale highly replayable. It’s really exciting to see what happens if you decide to start a genoсide instead of a peaceful walkthrough.


Thank You, Toby Fox

I don’t know this guy personally, but his creation lets me assume that he knows the real difference between good and bad. On behalf of Indie games.download, I want to give him thanks for being so sincere in Undertale. This game is now a symbol of non-commercial indie game design.

Author’s Bio:

Victoria Clark,

I was so excited to share my impression of Undertale! Hopefully, those of you who haven’t played it yet will enjoy it. As Editor at Indie games.download, I recommend this game to everyone. Can’t wait to complete the next Fox’s game Deltarune!

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