Universal Wants to Reboot Timecop

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Universal Wants to Reboot Timecop

Timecop is getting a reboot which will be a good thing I agree the movie wasn’t too polished and it was filled with all sorts of loopholes but still I believe if Universal is willing to do it they will do it right. But Van Damme will not be a part of this project.

The original is a blast of comic-spawned ‘90s fun that saw Van Damme’s haunted chrono-law keeper run afoul of crooked senator Ron Silver, who is using time travel to help his political career.

Spawned from the Dark Horse title, it ended up with decent (if occasionally wry) reviews and solid box office. It birthed a straight-to-DVD sequel and a short-lived TV spin-off.

Sadly for Van Damme fans, it appears he’s not involved this time around (yet – cue the online petitions), and the studio is entertaining pitches from writers with a take on how to re-imagine the concept for today. Especially since the film was set in the far-away world of 2004.

Universal Wants to Reboot Timecop

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