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Vikings: War of Clans invites only the bravest to become a Jarl of their own towns and walk the path of wealth and power. Build to attack, strategies to defend, collaborate with other Jarls to build a clan and of course, plan unexpected approaches to catch your enemies by complete surprise.

Fail to strategies by counting on pure force of your town and you’re bound to see failure. Join up with other Jarls and create a clan to aid in wars, assist with resources and strategies for gaining more control over the North. However, a brilliant strategy and powerful alliances are only the beginning of dominating the North as the key lies within the Palace of Power.

Only those strong enough are able to join forces, strategies and attack the Palace of Power in hopes of gaining control. On the journey, enemy Jarls are bound to test your knowledge, making each move within your town vitally important as it could either mean the growth of your success or the demise of the warriors you need to claim the Palace of Power.

Read few Vikings: War of Clans tips before entering one of the most powerful MMO strategy games.

Your Attack

While it’s all up to you, the option of simply attempting to overpower your enemy’s town remains an option. However, as you’d see with others attacking your own, a weak strategy allows the town to act quickly and defend without having the same manpower. Counting on the same strategy on each attack could result in enemy Jarls anticipating your every move, allowing them to prepare and most likely the defeat of your attack.

At the same time, you’d need to carefully plan your town and ensure your most powerful warriors remain within reach of any unexpected attack. While defending, consider the possible strategies of your enemy Jarl and prepare for any possible change without limiting the sheer force of your town. Depend on other Jarls in your clan to aid in your town’s preparations, offering power resistance and adding the opportunity to block each possible strategy from your attacker.

Gain Rewards as a Fearless Warrior

One of the many vitally important steps of your success relates to the loyalty shown towards your warriors. Even during times of peace, it’s important to consider each possibility while ensuring your resources remain ready for any surprises. Treat all the members of your town to be more efficient with the latest upgrades while assisting other Jarls in your clan to become stronger, defend better and attack harder.

During the battle that involves both PvP and PvE, you’re able to gain rewards beyond your expectations and further the success of your town. As you grow, take on more, attack bigger and strategies even better to gain more control over your clan as you begin to rule your own part of the North. Expand to become the most powerful, feared and successful Jarl.

Available Now On PC

Vikings: War of Clans remains a well-known mobile MMO world of fearless Jarls, but now you can expand your world with a better view on PC. Combine your mobile and PC for the most effective gameplay, up to date strategies and the most powerful attacking abilities.

Get a taste of this epic game and watch the trailer Vikings: War of  Clans video on YouTube!

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