Unreal Engine 5 Looks UNREAL! Watch a Demo Running on PS5

Unreal Engine 5

The next generation of gaming consoles made everyone excited and they are coming at the end of the year with the PS5 and Xbox Series X and now we’re getting a sneak peek at what is coming our way. A video was recently shared that showed off the upcoming Unreal Engine 5 and it is unbelievable. The video was shot in March and shows two of the new technologies: Nanite and Lumen.

Nanite gives Unreal Engine 5 the capacity to provide greater detail models. This is because it doesn’t want artists to optimize or edit their models to meat a polygon count or memory resources. In return, artists will be able to simply include “film-quality source art.”

Lumen, on the other hand, is a completely dynamic global lighting solution. It provides the lighting to change and react to what’s happening in the scene which includes bounces and specular reflections. This will allow game devs to save time as they no longer need to wait for lightmap bakes.

Both of these technologies are simply amazing. Of course, in the video, fans will see some next-gen innovations already in Unreal Engine 4.25 which includes chaos physics. It will fully release in late 2021.

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