Updated Roomba Vacuum Cleaner Screams and Curses When It Bumps Into Things

Roomba Vacuum Cleaner

vlogger Michael Reeves who covers tech is quite grudgingly responded to viewer requests to build a Roomba that screams and curses when it bumps into walls and other things. The first try was too nice and the second attempt was too simply too angry.

After seeking the information and the voices of vloggers such as iDubbbz TVMaxmoefoePokemon and Lily Pichu, Reeves decided that his third try was just spot on for a Target test market. The replies were generally good, although not enough for Reeves to mass-market a screaming, cursing Roomba.

Screaming Roombas are technology that mankind has dreamed about ever since we could look up at the stars, today I was able to bring that dream to life.

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