Ups And Downs Of Hollywood Prequels Infographic

Ups And Downs Of Hollywood Prequels: Infographic is a very interesting Infographic has been made by Texas Electric Providers for the release of Monster’s University maybe they are doing some study to harness the happiness or the Screams for the next power source, It may affect their tariffs if they are going to harness that sort of power so we can do just that after seeing the Bill of the month, But I think they already have that “power” to make us scream or giggle anyways.

Some of the most anticipated films of any year aren’t movie sequels but their prequels, like this year’s Monsters University. After all, haven’t you wondered why Monstropolis residents are scared of children or how our favorite monsters got to be scarers? Just like sequels, some of these movies can be a satisfying two-hour ride that answers all our questions while some are a waste of those two hours!

Presenting the Past: Ups and Downs of Hollywood Prequels

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