Use an Android Spy App If You Are Suspicious About Your Employees


Android phones have now stamped their authority as the most extensively sold smartphones around the world for some time now. A worry for all employers who provide their employees with Android phones for official use is as to how they can keep a close eye on the activities of their suspicious employees. Well, quit all the brainstorming now and simply acquire the help of an Android spy app to stay updated with your employee’s activities at all times.

Silent monitoring:

An Android spy app Xnspy works unnoticeably in the background of your employee’s cell phone without letting anyone find out about it. You gain complete access to all the data that is stored inside the cell phone of your employee from anywhere in the world, whenever you want to. Once downloaded, this app does not even disturb any feature of your employee’s cell phone as well.

Compatible Android phones:

Android phones from Lenovo, Acer, Motorola, LG, Sony, Samsung, Huawei and other companies work fine along with Xnspy. This includes all cell phones running on an operating system of 2.3 or higher than that. You simply need access to the internet and your personal log-in details that would be provided to you to gain access to all the data stored inside your employee’s cell phone.

Call records:

Full and up-to-date records of every single call made to and from the cell phone of employees are provided to employers with the help of this spy app. The total duration and the precise time of each call is also part of these records. Parents may even record any particular call or even all the calls if they want to.

Contact details and Geo location:

Details of all the contact numbers stored inside your employee’s Android phone are shown to you by Xnspy. With the help of the ‘Geo location’ feature of Xnspy, you can pinpoint the exact location of your employees whenever you wish to know about it.

A reasonable price:

This Android spy app provides employers with complete access to their employee’s entire cell phone data for a more than reasonable price. A spy service for a price as low as $8.33 a month would indeed be a dream come true.

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