How to Use Glasses to Your Advantage This Halloween

With Halloween fast approaching, do you know what your costume will be? If you have glasses and are not a contacts person, you need the flexibility to be something or someone that allows your specs to blend right in. Thankfully, there are a ton of glasses-friendly costumes to choose from this year. Some of them are so enticing that you might even want to consider ordering some custom frames just for the occasion.

Harry Potter cosplay

Harry Potter

The well-loved wizard is a staple at Halloween. Whether you choose to go in traditional robes or Gryffindor maroon and gold, Mr. Potter is always a solid Halloween costume choice. Your glasses and your lightning bolt will rock any party. Don’t forget your wand!

Mrs. Doubtfire cosplay

Mrs. Doubtfire

If you’re more interested in dressing up with some of Grandma’s old hand-me-downs, Mrs. Doubtfire might be the Halloween character for you. Throw on a wig, find some women’s glasses, and add a little baby powder for just the right effect. Bonus points if you can do the voice.

Simon the Chipmunk cosplay

Simon the Chipmunk

Black plastic frames and a blue turtleneck will transform you into 1/3 of these titular characters. Though it might work best in a group, you can also go solo with this one. Be prepared to do impressions all night and maybe even draw on a few freckles for effect. You’ll be the life of the party anywhere you go.

Ralphie from A Christmas Story

Ralphie from A Christmas Story

Do you have a pink bunny suit you’re just dying to hop into? Pair it with your glasses and you’re off to a costume party. Be careful not to shoot your eye out with all the approving looks you’ll be getting from party-goers.

Little Miss Sunshine

Little Miss Sunshine

Are you spunky at heart and forever an optimist? Feel free to be your most authentic self this Halloween as you dress up in pretty much whatever you please. Long blond hair and glasses help your cause, and best of all, the clothes don’t have to match. You might choose to sport her signature sweatbands for a smashing look.

Colonel Sanders cosplay

Colonel Sanders

Do you have a soft spot for the king of fried chicken? Bring his presence to life with your metal or plastic frames, and a sharp suit-goatee combo. Let your Southern charm shine as you make friends all night long.

Truly, those who wear glasses have a multitude of options for Halloween costumes this season. Bring a sack for candy, your specs, and your best impersonation to a party near you.


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