How to Use Humor in Your Essay (with Best Examples)


People have different writing styles, and often you will find a writer sticking to their preferred style because it gives them a comfortable and easy time while writing. However, others prefer exploring and integrating different styles of writing in their work. When it comes to combining or using humor in writing, the same thing applies, that is, some writers use it while others do not. However, depending on the article you are writing as well as your audience, humor should find a place in your article. Humor is part of everyone’s day, and even while reading one’s favorite weekly blog, you often expect to get entertained. Currently, after every major event in the world or a celebrity gathering somewhere, funny memes often emerge as people try to put the fun in everything. The same with writing your essays, you should be able to find a way to integrate humor into your paragraphs.

Different Forms of Humor

Humor can take many forms, unlike the popular narrative that humor is only used or fits best in satire or fiction writing. Even when writing about an important event or something that is of serious nature, you can make use of creative or ingenious misdirection to simply make your readership smile. As a writer, even though you should be expressing your thoughts and ideas, your mind must also think of your readers and try to understand what they desire from you or have come to expect from you. However, integrating humor in an academic paper is easier said than done. Thus, this article is here to ensure that you will not need the services of a custom essay writer or to look for and read essay examples to integrate humor correctly.


Tips to Help You Mix Humor into Your Writing

There are numerous tips which you as a writer can use to help you integrate humor into your article. They include:


  • Understand your genre well before you decide to make use of humor.

Knowing your genre is the first step to using humor successfully in your article. Understanding your genre will make it simple for you to understand the many loopholes which exist and that will help you integrate humor into your article. Additionally, you will also be able to find clichés as well as tropes which could be helpful in your article. Therefore, immerse yourself in research and uncover the hidden secrets about your genre.


  • Entertain the idea of using layered humor to help endear your work to a broader fan base.

As you write your article, except that a few people will not get your McDonald’s joke and this could be because some of them are in countries where there are no McDonalds’ stores. Using a layered approach in integrating humor enables you to appeal to a wider audience. Your audience’s preferences differ, and you should know and understand this fact as you write.


  • Do not just strive to be funny but ensure you are meaningfully or profoundly funny.

Few people remember what they read and fewer apply it. However, there are a few lines an author can include which could change the story entirely. If you are using humor in your article, do not just look to entertain but strive to leave your audience with a memorable line. This does not mean you ignore the prospect of using humor but that you use it but in a way that is meaningful. Your story and the joke will not only be more relevant but also valuable.

  • The goal of using humor should be to make yourself laugh.

Before you make anyone laugh, make yourself laugh. Even though you are writing for an audience, you are the first audience, and if you are not laughing, the chances of your readership laughing are also quite slim. Therefore, make yourself laugh but as always have a second and third opinion from close friends and family.


  • Make use of conflict in your article.

Conflict always keeps people on edge. It keeps them waiting and desiring more. However, first understand how the three sources of conflict work (character versus itself, character versus environment, and character versus character) to be able to use and integrate them well. Any expert writer knows that character versus itself seems to have an emotional touch and therefore, is more preferred than the others. However, you can any of the above as long as you know what to do with each.

Examples of  Integrating Humor Into Your Essay

  1. Well for some people, coffee seems like a loud hug for the brain, but I just drink it for fun.
  2. At times, life’s situations are more or less like drinking coffee: you drink it because you never had enough sleep, but then again, you never had enough sleep because you drank coffee.
  3. But then I thought to myself, “If nobody is perfect then why does practice make perfect or is someone playing jokes on me?”
  4. So my IT guru friend is mad at me because of yesterday after we had coffee I told him my java had installed successfully.


In conclusion, you can integrate anything you wish in your article. However, ensure you follow the right procedure and that you mind your audience or readership. And remember to write what you want to read.

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