How To Use Your Old CDs

Lets admit, we all have them, stock up somewhere! Either from our teenage days or just when we really, really wanted all the albums from our favourite artist or all seasons from our favourite show!

But now, they are just too much and only a dust holder! You can always sell them and hey, who knows if there is a fair reseller around, you might get some profit out of it!

I went around the internet and my mind and thought of some ways to get rid of them. If you have a good way too, do let me know in the comments below!

1. Make a disco ball out of them.

How To Use Your Old CDs

2. Cut up CDs and make animal sculptures.

How To Use Your Old CDs

3. You can make a guitar pick by tracing a real guitar pick and cutting it out.

4. Put a few in your bag during hikes to use as emergency signal mirrors.

5. Stack them up to make this cool lamp.

How To Use Your Old CDs

6. Use one as an ice scraper in a pinch.

How To Use Your Old CDs

You can also use them as scrapers when cleaning pots and pans.  Use them as-is, or cut them into any desired shape to best fit your pots and pans.

7. Add a reflector to your bike.

How To Use Your Old CDs

8. Hang a few in your garden.

How To Use Your Old CDs

Hanging old CDs in your garden is a good way to redirect sunlight to areas that get less sun, and a few dangling CDs can make a scarecrow much more effective. This also works well for chicken coops.

9. Use them as “knifes”

You can sharpen the outer side of the CD rom and use it as regular paper cutting knife for cutting clippings from newspapers , art work etc. But be careful, they can be sharp!

10. Boss preventer

And one of my favourites (boss, don’t read this one!) To stop the boss creeping up behind you or to see what is going on behind you, stick a CD to the corner of your PC monitor using Blu-Tack (like a rear view mirror).

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