Use Your Kid’s LEGO Sets To The Full Potential


Lego and building blocks are loved by children all around the world. It’s not only a fun toy, but it also helps develop their imagination, cognitive functions, and logic.

Most parents think toys as simple playthings. It’s not unusual for them to replace discarded or old toys and buy new ones for their children.

But have you ever thought how a toy can help your precious besides bringing them amusement?

LEGO Ship in a Bottle

Think Outside the Box

Keeping them limited to a certain lego set will not aid them in developing their ability to think apart from what the manuals hold.

You need to encourage your children to sit down and think of what they really want to make out of the little colorful bricks.

A lego set’s usefulness is not limited to a certain design or structure it could create.

You could extend it’s potential to so much more if you allow your kids to take advantage of their creative little brains.

LEGO Ship in a Bottle

6 Essential Points to Practice for Your Child’s Lego

We have noted 6 points below for you to consider that could help your children benefit from playing the Lego tools which will not only develop their cognitive skills but also make them think out of the brick.


1. It’s Storytime!

A child’s imagination is not limited nor are they confined by the laws of physics. They are capable of making up flying kingdoms with strange characters with an adventurous story.

After your child has completed making a set, inquire them of what the set could represent with each character’s role in it. This will inspire them to explore their creative thoughts.

Building blocks and legos will give them the opportunity to express them in reality and practice the art of storytelling.


2. Allow Your Children To Dissemble Their Lego Sets

Dissembling is a part of the learning process. When your child takes the lego sets apart – it means that they’re trying to create something new.

Encouraging them to open up their minds and not hesitating to innovate something from scratch is the way to go.

Your child could bring together the lying around bricks and tools of other Lego kits and join the pieces together to produce a unique structure.

A new theme in the Lego world could let your child explore their imagination to the fullest.


3. Arrange Large Spaces or Lego Tables For Creativity

Lego tables are a playground for the creation of new themed structures and stories.

Whatever sets of Lego your child owns could altogether contribute to a new theme of the Lego world that is not advertised or shown on the boxes.
And for that, they need a large space where they can comfortably spend hours structuring the next big thing for them.


4. Encourage And Inspire Your Child To Be Different

Instead of choosing the traditional way of creating a specific structure or following what’s on the manual, prompt your kids to indulge in their creativity.

The goal is to make them realize that creating something new is more important than completing the task of building.

This gives them the freedom to go out of their way and experiment with what they have no matter which kit of Lego set the bricks belongs to.


5. “The LEGO Movie” Should Be on Your Watch List

Plan a day to sit and watch “The Lego Movie” together with your children.

While watching, explain to them what the movie represents in terms of building with Lego.

Watching the movie will help them realize the innovativeness of the lego world and inspire them to be capable enough to do things on your own without following instructions from others or anything. Not to mention the movie is fun!

The Lego Movie has a good moral and will be fun to watch with the family. Your children will take the process of building with Lego sets more seriously.


6. The Art of Creation and Innovation

Recreating a new set could include new toys, objects or figures that belong to other sets of Lego or something not related to Lego at all.

Try to come up with new ways to spice up old play sets that bring life to your child’s playroom where the Lego sets are decorated.

You can also add other toys and make their imagination run wild!

LEGO The Incredibles

Who Should Play with Lego Sets?

Lego sets were created to provide playing interests for both boys and girls.

However, as children grow older, boys are more associated with toys that are for building and assembling.

As a result, parents usually buy Lego sets for their son who would not only enjoy playing with it but would naturally prefer it rather than girls.

There are so many great toys for little boys who are toddlers, so pick something unique if they already own Lego sets or prefer to play with other toys as well.

On the other hand, the Lego company have come up with new sets that are aimed just for girls such as creating a Barbie dollhouse. So, your little princess can enjoy them too!

Top 10 LEGO Kits

Why Lego’s Are Very Important

A recent survey showed that top graduate students had one common playing habit when they were young.

They all enjoyed building Lego sets from scratch and get creative. Moreover, they usually did not like following the manuals and would make up something on their own.

Lego toys have a great contribution to your child’s cognitive and motor skill development.

Toddlers can use Legos to learn solid colors, addition or basic education while playing.

Playing Lego could aid your child to feel accomplished when they create something and get inspired to build more.

It also teaches them to be persistent and patient while working on important tasks.

Children learn the skill of solving puzzles and problems through playing with the colorful bricks and setting up a structure.


Some Final Words

Lego sets have been around for quite a while and over the years even doctors have recommended to let children begin their playful years.

However, make sure you’re getting the right aged toys for your child as small legos can be easily swallowed. Read the warning labels before making any purchase.

So, get some blocks for your child and let them build their dreams!

Top 10 LEGO Kits


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