Used VHS Tapes Are Being Sold At Urban Outfitter for $40

Used VHS Tapes

Urban Outfitters is selling used VHS for $40. On top of their over-priced clothing items, they are now selling a “mystery box” that includes 5 random used VHS tapes. This “mystery box” of VHS tapes will cost you 40 dollars!

You can buy them from any thrift store why they are selling them so expensive is beyond me, I guess this is for people who don’t know they can buy VHS tapes at flea markets for 50 cents each.

The item is called on the website “Studiohouse Designs Assorted ‘90s Comedy VHS Tape – Set Of 5,” and this is the description that is offered:

Set of 5 iconic, assorted ‘90s comedy flicks on VHS tape, curated by Studiohouse Designs exclusively for Urban Outfitters. Each set is unique, iconic and will vary from what is pictured here. Don’t worry – there are no duds in this batch!

Are you willing to spend $40 on used VHS tapes?

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