About Using Torrents To Download Your Favourite Movies And TV Programs

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Although these days we’re required to look for none but the best VPN service for torrenting, it used to be a free-for-all affair during the period immediately following Napster’s demise in the early 2000s. The torrenting communities developed actually because of all that chaos. Agreed that there are legal repercussions of tormenting in the United States, it doesn’t deter the file-sharing communities from going about their business. All thanks to the efficient VPNs and fast internet connections, and even Google promoting them, torrent downloads actually account for around 6% of all internet traffic load on any given day. Let’s take you through some facts about torrents-usage and things you should know.

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What are torrents?

Torrents are basically content files, which could be anything ranging from video games, audio files, movies, applications, images, porn, or anything else you want but aren’t prepared to pay for. These torrent files if downloaded from reputed platforms are most likely to be free of any spyware or adware concerns. Furthermore, the movies and TV programs are usually in high definition and don’t involve any fees.

To download any such content, you must first find a good torrent community website. For instance, platforms like Pirate Bay and Limetorrents have millions of torrent files available. As expected, all such websites also run into legal troubles from time to time. Many have to shut down in fact.

About torrent clients

Once you’ve downloaded the torrent file from a community website, you must open it using a downloading program, also referred to as the torrent client. uTorrent and BitTorrent are the two most popular torrent clients today. Both operate differently from each other but allow you to download tiny bits of large files from several sources at one time.

These programs are based on peer-to-peer networking. Big files are broken down into small chunks, which are often downloaded and uploaded simultaneously by the members of the community. Some of the members possess the complete files and make them constantly available to the other users.

Torrent is a far more reliable and efficient medium (than Napster and the likes) as you’re not dependent on one single user for the file. It is this property of torrents that makes the download of large files very efficient and easy. In fact, if you’re subscribed to a fast internet connection, even the biggest files can be downloaded in a matter of few minutes!

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What is seeding?

Once you’ve finished downloading a program, it is considered a good practice to leave the client program open for at least a few hours thereafter, to upload or seed the downloaded file. This process is referred to as seeding and allows you to share the file with other members of the community. Many torrent clients keep a constant track of your download/upload ratio and you must try to keep a healthy balance always.

How do VPNs help?

The legal teams in the entertainment industry are thoroughly aware of the existence and consequences of torrenting. In fact, many of their team members are active users of these communities and work undercover to catch the file sharers. Once caught, these file-sharers are sent DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) notices. It is in this regard that VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) can be extremely useful as they mask your IP address, thus shifting the responsibility from you to the VPN company that you’ve signed up with.

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