Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas that Won’t Break the Bank

It seems like we’re expected to do more and more for every holiday with each passing year and Valentine’s Day is no exception. Way back when, a couple of red roses and a card would have done the trick – now this holiday is all about grand gestures. Diamonds. Dinner at a Michelin starred restaurant. A weekend getaway. But how can you make Valentine’s Day extra special when you can’t exactly afford grand gestures? Here are six Day of Love ideas that will fit into any budget:

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas that Won't Break the Bank

Recreate the Movie Theater Experience

Seeing a movie on Valentine’s Day used to be the cheapskate option but nowadays a romantic comedy for two with all the trimmings – popcorn, sodas and candy – will run you as much as a dinner out. Why not make it a night in instead? Track down your sweetie’s favorite film on Netflix, DIY a gourmet meal and cuddle up on the couch for a perfect (and perfectly frugal) Valentine’s Day date. Bonus: Make your romantic night in a regular thing from now on.

Give an Electronics Upgrade

Thanks to carriers like T-Mobile offering phone deals and no-contract voice and data plans, a shiny new phone topped with a pretty pink bow could be just the thing to ensure your main squeeze is smiling on February 14th. Bonus: T-Mobile in particular will pay another carrier’s early termination fee and give you the trade-in value of your current phone, plus they’re offering free overnight shipping for online orders before 2/14.

Be Romantic On a Budget

Set an amount each of you can spend – maybe $15 or even $5 – and turn Valentine’s Day into an adventure looking for the kinds of inexpensive things your significant other loves but never buys. Or make it your shared goal to find presents that are as sweet and sentimental as they are cheap. Bonus: You can turn it into a friendly competition to see who can come up with the most romantic present for the least amount of cash.

Share the Gift of Touch

Save your Valentine’s Day pennies and give a gift that keeps on giving by springing for a Massage 101 class for the two of you. Cap off the day by treating each other to a relaxing massage that is not just for couples, but also truly couples only. Bonus: Your new massage skills will last a lifetime so you can make every day Valentine’s Day!

Go Retro with a Sweet Mix

Put all the most romantic songs that remind you of your sweetheart on a thumb drive you already have or load your mix onto your SO’s phone while they’re sleeping for a Valentine’s Day morning surprise. Just don’t forget to include that one special tune you think of as “our song”!

Recreate an Amazing First Date

The nice thing about first dates is they tend to be inexpensive because you’re just getting to know your future main squeeze. Relive your first ever get-together (or one of your more memorable firsts) by hitting all the same spots. Whether you had dinner, went dancing or just grabbed a quick coffee, your SO will love the fact that you remember everything about that special time in your relationship.

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