Vampyr – Developer Diaries Episode 3: Human After All Released


RPG Vampyr will come with a deep narrative and extensive character development as you take on the role of a recently turned vampire – Dr. Jonathan Reid.  The city of London in 1918 seems to be cured with a plague similar to Spanish Flu and with this backdrop and the main characters personal incidents, DONTNOD set up one of the most dynamic forces seen in a game plot.

The vampiric Doctor finds that he must make choices – will he leave all morality and adopt the monster within or use these skills to defend the streets of London.  These choices come in the form of choosing victims, you need to remain strong to uncork the mystery unfolding around him.  Who will you choose to feast on?  The Priest, the father of a young child or the killers and thieves who roam the city?

In the third part of the developer diaries about this possibly remarkable game, we are called to look at the unique crafting of the characters.  It’s clear that the developers take great effort to make the NPC characters feel alive.  Part of the goal was to make the player feel as if they were facing real human beings, which makes interplay and the choices made through that feel real.

DONTNOD have also attempted to craft a true depiction of historical London society, building characters from every economic and social layer. This is to immerse the player in a truly realistic world.  Again highlighting the goal of making the player feel that each action they undertake has a significant effect on the world around them.

Vampyr has a release date of the 5th June 2018 for consoles and on PC systems.

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