Venice in A Day Stunning Timelapse By Joerg Niggli

Venice in a day is a stunning timelapse video created by Joerg Niggli. Since February we are showcasing once a week the best time-lapse videos from Vimeo and you have shown us that you like it. You can stay updated by checking all of our articles related to timelapse videos or either subscribe and never miss another one.

Joerg Niggli is a video- and photographer from Zurich, Switzerland. His latest time-lapse movie which we are showcasing today was recently featured on and got a lot of attention. The movie was filmed or rather photographed during two trips to Venice. Most of the images were done with a small digital Canon G10, a camera Joerg Niggli has always in his bag with a small tripod and a timer.

Joerg Niggli works as a producer for Swiss Television SRF in Zurich. He has done a lot of national and international news coverage for broadcast from 1993 to 2005. In his early years, he was a passionate photographer doing fine art B&W photography on medium and large format film and was covering events for newspapers with his 35mm SLR camera.  Photography in these times meant to be many hours in a dark room and try over and over again when the result was not satisfying.

He was soon interested in videography and started filming with a SuperVHS camera. Editing was linear, complicated and with every copy, the films looked worse. It was with the first DV (Digital Video) cameras that filming became more interesting. From now on nonlinear editing on computers was possible and affordable. Joerg Niggli started early to adopt this technology and was doing some short films, mostly portraits of people and special sites.

Later he realized various reports for Swiss Television as a filming producer (VJ), both in Switzerland and foreign countries. He is equally passionate about journalism, filming and editing.

In 2009 he became interested in time-lapse photography and realized his first short movies about Zurich. The “ZurichLAPSE” series was featured in Zurich’s newspaper “Tagesanzeiger”. “Doing time-lapse movies is compensation for me”, Joerg Niggli says. As a producer of a broadcast health magazine he deals a lot with editorial and technical issues and is much involved in planning and organization. “With time-lapse it’s different. It’s about the right spot, the light and – above all – the movement of things be it people, clouds or other things.”

Time-lapse movies became very popular in recent years also because there is a worldwide community sharing their films on internet platforms like Vimeo and Youtube. All these technics are seen more and more also in broadcast programs and commercials. With motorized sliders and programmable special rigs, some time-lapse experts are raising the bar. At the same time, the more the public has seen these movies the less interesting and exotic they will become. So Joerg Niggli is now experimenting on how to include new elements in his movies. Things are moving fast now, not only in time-lapse, in media in general.

Venice in a Day


Sky on the Rocks

Herbst – Autumn


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