VENOM Appears With His Sinister Grin in New Photos


Entertainment Weekly released two new photos of Tom Hardy‘s upcoming Venom movie. The first image gives us a magnificent new look at Venom wearing a sinister ear-to-ear grin. I am sure it will be one awesome movie! The second image features Hardy strapped to a chair and Riz Ahmed seems to be asking him about something.

While talking to EW about one of the things that got him excited to play this character, Hardy said:

“As far as Marvel characters, I have to say for me, Venom looks the coolest. That sounds a bit shallow! But I appreciate that he has a kind of brazen swagger and a zero foxtrot attitude.

“There’s a tragic clown element, which I find funny and is harmonious with some of the work that I like to do. There’s something funny about the circumstances of having a gift but it’s a tragic gift. It’s a superpower you don’t really want, but at the same time, you love it. It makes you feel special. He’s a reluctant hero and an anti-hero.”

He goes on to explain how he approached playing the character and differentiating Eddie Brock from the raging monster that takes over:

“It’s a bit like Ren and Stimpy, you know? They have different sounds. I always saw Venom as sounding like a James Brown lounge lizard, and Eddie Brock is kind of…” — he switches to an aw-shucks American accent — “I don’t know, an everyday kind of guy. But he’s inherited this massive ego, this beast.”

As far as Venom’s morals go:

“There’s that biting-off-heads issue, which is not what you would expect from, say, Captain America taking down a crook.”

Ruben Fleischer is directing the movie and his goal is to deliver a comic book movie that will fully embrace the character’s violent tendencies as well as the horror he leaves in his wake:

“We talked a lot about a werewolf and what it is when you get infected or bitten by a werewolf. Usually a human gets imbued with powers or an alien comes from outer space and has to figure out how to live on our Earth. But this is really about a relationship between two people who have to work together to create this hybrid symbiotic relationship.”



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