Verified by Practice Tests: Brief Overview of Prerequisite Exams of Salesforce Developer Certification Path


Obtaining a Salesforce credential has almost become the de facto standard today and a lot of professionals want to go for the best career opportunities. The Salesforce Developer certification program helps the specialists gain knowledge by exposing them to the real-world scenarios, which they might encounter in their work environments. Currently, there are 6 badges that you can get from this pathway. They include the following:

  • Platform Developer I;
  • Platform Developer II;
  • Platform App Builder;
  • JavaScript Developer I;
  • B2C Commerce Developer;
  • Certbolt Exam Dumps

In this post, we will talk about the most popular Salesforce Developer certificates, which are the first three ones of the list. Each of the badges verifies that a professional possesses the necessary knowledge and skills to design analytical functions and custom applications on top of the Salesforce platform features. Let’s take a look at the other details.

What Are the Features of the Salesforce Developer Exams?

The Platform Developer I certification exam costs $200, and there are about 65 multiple-choice questions in total. It takes 110 minutes to complete them with at least of 65% of the passing score. For the Platform Developer II test, the fee is also $200. It will give you 60 questions that will be scored and 5 additional questions that are needed for review purposes. All of them will be of a multiple-choice type. The candidates are given 120 minutes to complete the whole exam and are required to score at least 70%. The Platform App Builder test costs $200 as well. Please also note that there can be applicable taxes required by the local law. There are 60 multiple-choice questions with 5 additional that can be randomly placed to gather the information about the performance for the possible improvements of the exam. You will get 105 minutes to Administration ADM-201. It can be taken at any testing center or online, and the passing score is 63%.

How to Prepare for the Salesforce Developer Exams?

Like most candidates out there, self-study may be your most preferred preparation option. If that is the case, then you need to know how to go about it to achieve the most out of your effort. First, set specific study goals for yourself. Secondly, download the official guide and gather all the necessary preparation tools, such as exam dumps, books, and video courses. Thirdly, prepare a schedule that will include all the materials you use and the time you have. For instance, have a specific timeline, know how many hours you have per week, and what materials you need to Certbolt Salesforce Admin. Also, dedicate the last month or week to practicing with practice tests.

Which Career Benefits Can You Earn with the Salesforce Developer Certifications?

The Salesforce Developer certifications are globally recognized because they tell your prospective and current employers that you possess in-depth skills and knowledge of the subject. Each credential builds confidence and demonstrates that you understand and know certain competencies. Thus, a certificate will differentiate you from the rest.

Moreover, the 81. Read More Here badge also helps the professionals get expertise in Salesforce that makes them efficient in developing websites or mobile applications using this CRM platform. You will also be able to customize Salesforce applications along with the environment depending on the unique business requirements of the client and integrate Salesforce applications with other third-party systems.


To sum it all up, there is no gain 33. Certbolt . If you want to obtain one of the credentials from the Salesforce Developer certification program, you will need rigorous preparation and a lot of time and energy. However, eventually, you will get what you want, and the badge you earn will help you knock the cover off PrepAway ADM-201 Exam .

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