VFX Artists Discuss About GREEN LANTERN


In a recent episode of Corridor Crew’s VFX Artists React, the hosts Niko and Jordan were joined by VFX Supervisor Aaron Estrada of Crafty Apes to delve into the world of visual effects in film. The episode featured a discussion on the CGI animation work in Pixar’s Toy Story franchise, comparing the original Toy Story film to the latest installment, Toy Story 4.

The hosts and guests also analyzed scenes from other films, including Green Lantern, G-Force, and Jimmy Neutron, to highlight the advancements in VFX technology over the years. Through the breakdown of these scenes, the episode provides an intriguing insight into the complex and detailed work that goes into creating seamless visual effects in films.

The discussion on Toy Story was particularly interesting, as the hosts and guests examined the evolution of the franchise’s animation over the years. They noted that the original Toy Story was groundbreaking for its time, with its realistic portrayal of toys and their movements, but also highlighted the limitations of technology at the time, particularly in terms of lighting and texturing.

In contrast, Toy Story 4 showcases significant advancements in VFX technology, particularly in the areas of lighting and texturing. The hosts and guests also noted the attention to detail in the animation, particularly in the intricate movements of the characters and the nuanced expressions on their faces.

Overall, the episode provided a fascinating glimpse into the world of VFX, highlighting the impressive technological advancements in the field over the years. The breakdown of various scenes from films also showcases the meticulous attention to detail that goes into creating realistic and seamless visual effects, further emphasizing the artistry and skill of VFX professionals.

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