Video Breakdown of Easter Eggs in INCREDIBLES 2


After a long wait of fourteen years finally, Incredibles 2 is here and I am happy to announce that Pixar and director Brad Bird actually delivered an awesome sequel! In my opinion, Incredibles 2 was a perfect sequel to the first film and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.

I had a blast watching Incredibles 2. The action was astounding, the story was entertaining, and the continuing character development of these characters was… unbelievable. I loved the dynamic of Elastigirl going out to save the world and Mr. Incredible staying at home with the kids. As a dad works from home and takes care of the kids at the same time, the film was totally relatable.

The Incredibles has been number one on my list for years, now this sequel has to fill the number two spot. This is one of the coolest animation ever.

The movie exploded at the box office this weekend pulling in Marvel kind of numbers. It made $180 million domestically and $51.5 million internationally, which bring the grand total to $231.5 million on its opening weekend.

Mr. Sunday Movies points out a lot of Easter eggs in the film that you may or may not have missed, check out the video below.

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