Video Breaks Down The Whole Character Arcs For Iron Man and Captain America

Iron Man and Captain America

Check out this fascinating video for you to check out from Lessons From the Screenplay that checks out the complete story arcs of two of the most powerful characters in the MCU, Iron Man, and Captain America. It covers a lot of information we are aware of, but separates the storylines of the two superheroes, and talks about the influence of their characters.

This is the description from the video:

The Marvel Cinematic Universe, also known as the Infinity Saga, features multifaceted, three-dimensional characters. In particular, Iron Man and Captain America have compelling and complete arcs that span the series’ impressive run. This video dives into those arcs to examine how they’re introduced as flawed characters, demonstrate how they’re forced into extreme and opposite positions at the midpoint of their journeys, and explore how the completion of their character arcs leads to balance and closure for both heroes.

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