Video Details The VFX Work in ANT-MAN AND THE WASP Plus Marvel’s De-Aging Technique

Michael Douglas

Check out this new Ant-Man and The Wasp featurette that takes you behind-the-scenes of the VFX work that went into creating the movie.

It features Danielle Costa, vice president of visual effects for Marvel Studios, explaining “all the unusual and wondrous ways that CGI experts made characters bug-sized, enormous, and microscopic.” It also reveals the process of how the VFX artists de-aged Michael Douglas and Michelle Pfeiffer for the flashback scenes.

I like to watch these behind-the-scenes VFX videos like most of you people out there. It’s so cool to see the work that goes into making these astonishingly fun movies to life. This one is especially enjoyable because it goes into a lot of work and shows off the stuff which is simply unreal.

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