Video Explains How Costume Designers Make Those Iconic Looks For Movie Characters

Costume Design

Check out this fantastic video that takes us into the creative process of the iconic costume designs that we’ve seen in movies over the years.

It concentrates on how costume designers have to adopt the characters in order to make their clothes a real part of the storyline.

The video is made by Daniel Netzel of Film Radar and it lists and explains four habits of thriving costume designers. These things involve analyzing and learning the script, co-operating with the director about the concept for the movie, studying the look and harmonizing with the other departments to make sure that the chosen look lines up with what was talked with the director.

Behind every memorable character is a memorable costume and behind every costume is a costume designer. Their job is to create a look for each character that serves the needs of the story. Sometimes to make a character stand out from the crowd. Sometimes to blend into one, but always to make sure that they’re clothed in the appropriate attire. That’s the definition of good costuming.

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