Video Explains Why Soap Is Better Than Hand Sanitizer

Soap Is Better Than Hand Sanitizer

The food expert and self-proclaimed Thyme Lord Alton Brown quite hilariously shared why soap is better at killing off germs and viruses than hand sanitizer while demonstrating in his 30-second handwashing video. Brown explains that the soap creates amphiphilic emulsifications that washes it all away.

The proper agitation amplifiers in soap water can emulsify with this nastiness removing it from your skin and escorting it down the drain. But wait there’s actually more. A virus, like coronavirus is protected by a kind of coat made of fat-like substances and soap’s amphiphiles can just literally take hold of that coat and pull it away leaving the virus feeling naked and afraid’ and mostly dead. Alcohol-based sanitizers can kill viruses but since
they can’t emulsify the nastiness that you got on your hands they can’t physically remove the viruses or even actually reach them all which is why I count on soap.


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