Video Format Conversion From MOV Files to MP4


MOV file format is a product from Apple computers. This file format is compatible with the quick time movie player platform. It uses an advanced algorithm designed by Apple. This format works well in the Apple-related environment. MP4 is a product from Moving Picture Expert Group (MPEG). It has an industry standard with reliable compatible features. This format came into existence after MOV file format. Both the formats have equal advantages and based on the area of application the format has to be rightly chosen for optimum outcomes. Only minor modifications are implemented in the MP4 format when compares to the MOV file.

Advantages of MP4 format

MP4 format performs well during the transfer process. The MP4 files can be easily transmitted from one medium to another since it holds less overhead. MP4 format carries high-resolution content with the help of codec H264. It stores the data in an organized manner when compared to MOV format. The logical arrangements of data enhance in the transfer process. The audio container format has been improved using advanced video coding technology and Apple’s advanced audio coding. The MP4 data can be transmitted on the narrow bandwidth without much difficulty. These advantages had led to opt for an MP4 format when compared to MOV format. Most of the MOV files are converted into an MP4 format before transferring from one medium to another. This file format can be easily transmitted to the internet platform irrespective of the bandwidth range.

Stepwise Conversion from MOV format to MP4 format

From the above discussion, I am sure you are clear about the need of conversion from MOV file to MP4 format. Let us make use of Wondershare video converter to convert between file formats. It is enough if you follow fewer steps to complete this conversion process. You need not require any special skills or knowledge to carry out this conversion process successfully. The built-in codes are embedded in the Wondershare video converter to complete the tasks without much difficulty. Click the necessary tabs and buttons to acquire desired results.

Step 1:  It is highly advisable to download the trial version of Wondershare video converter by visiting the official website. Install the software by following the instructions displayed on the command window. After successful installation of this software double click on the Wondershare video converter icon.

Step 2: Here the task is to convert MOV file into an MP4 file format. Add the MOV file which requires this conversion process. Go to ‘Add Files’ tab which is present on your left side on the screen. Browse the location of the MOV file by clicking on this ‘Add Files’ option.

Have a look at the above snapshot. The MOV file has been added to carry out the conversion process. When the file is added the screen is divided into two panels. The left panel is known as converting panel and the other one if converted panel. The converting panel holds the input files whereas the converted panel carries the output files. You can also edit the added file using the tools displayed beneath the MOV file.  There are three editing options namely trim, crop and add effects. It is optional if you want to make any changes to the original file then you can make use of those tools for optimum results. Now let us begin the conversion process.

Step 3: Go to the dropdown list beside ‘convert all files to’ label and select ‘videos’ from the displayed options. The ‘videos’ tab in turn display two-panel drop-down list. Select ‘MP4’ from the left side panel and ‘HD1080p’ from the right side panel. The window looks like the below snapshot. Finally, click the ‘Convert’ button in the converted panel for a successful conversion process.

The conversion process begins immediately soon after the Convert command is triggered by the button click. Just have a look at the progress of the conversion process in the below snapshot.

Now the MOV file has been successfully converted into an MP4 file format. View the below picture which displays the desired results.

Follow the above-discussed steps to convert MOV to MP4.

Special functions of Wondershare Video Converter

Wondershare video converter can be used to download streamlining videos, record the data in the external storage, fix Metadata, edit the videos for better quality output etc. It can support more than 100 file formats and can be easily converted into different formats with less effort. This software can be handled easily by a layman without any special knowledge. Wondershare video converter comprises of innumerable powerful functions. You can convert  ISO to MP4 easily using this effective tool. You can also convert the files into VR format and quickly record the desktop activities without much effort. Few clicks are sufficient for a successful completion of any sort of tasks related to video files.

Worthy purchase

It is highly advisable to purchase this software to bring about innovative changes to your videos. Convert the video formats and make it highly compatible to all types of electronic devices. Do not hesitate to make a worthy purchase. You will obtain desired results using this software without any regrets. Place your order immediately and enjoy the benefits of Wondershare video converter.

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