Video Games By The Numbers – Infographic


Today, we have an incredible infographic, counting the numbers of games released on each console, including all famous gaming consoles, From Nintendo to Apple’s iOS.

Ever since the NES came out in 1983, the gaming industry has changed forever. Video game consoles have been around for a while, but the NES was the first one really become mainstream and find itself in so many homes worldwide.

The leaps and bounds in video game technology are staggering, from 8-bit graphics on the NES to today’s powerhouses that have ultra-realistic graphics systems that just pop out of the screen on the right display.

This infographic takes you through video game systems by the numbers – how many games were produced for each system, which game was the best seller, and how many copies the best-selling game sold.

Think of it as an appreciation for the hundreds of thousands of hours that developers dedicated to making these titles come to life!

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