Video Revealed Six Movies With Hidden CGI Effects

Henry Cavill

CGI effects these days are used in about every movie that is being made now, especially the large budget superhero films. But, seldom there is CGI used that you would have never noticed or even known were digital effects unless they were told to you like such videos below.

Vulture made this video which points out six movies that have hidden CGI effects. For some reason, they decided to include Henry Cavill’s CGI mustache removal in Justice League which was not hidden at all!

The movies in the video included David Fincher’s Gone Girl, Les Miserables, Brokeback Mountain, Iron Man 3, and Forrest Gump, which also had a lot of CGI effects that you notice. Personally, I think this video should have and could have included much better examples of hidden special effects.

Computer-generated imagery has become as commonplace in Hollywood as leading men named Chris. From menacing motion-captured super-villains to stunning sci-fi landscapes, filmmakers have increasingly leaned on CGI to spice up the visuals in their films. But sometimes films, even those bursting with CGI glory, can benefit from subtler uses of the technology. Here are six films that use CGI so slyly that you may have missed it.

Check out the video below and let me know if you figured out any CGI yourself.

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