Video Round Up of Bad VFX and How CGI Effects Are Overused in Marvel Movies

CGI Effects

Here’s a brilliant video for you to check out that offers an impressive breakdown of the of how the VFX in the Marvel movies progressively got bad and how the CGI effects in the movies started to be overused.

As good as the stories for the Marvel movies have been, the mediocre VFX work appears to stick out like a sore thumb. A lot of fans have been notifying this. It seems like Marvel has been racing the special effects and I question if they have been doing that to satisfy the deadline for the movie’s release date.

The video comes from Browntable and there are a lot of excellent points that are given in it that are difficult to argue with. Particularly when it comes to how Marvel replaces the excellent real practical suits that are made for some of the characters and then they are just substituted with CGI. Spider-Man and Black Panther were the best examples of this.

Watch the video below:


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