Video Talks About How Car Chases in Movies Have Evolved Over 100 Years

Car Chases in Movies

Movies Insider has researched and made this exciting and informative fascinating video that talks about the history of the car chase in movies and how it has grown over 100 years. It’s really exciting to see how moviemakers were shooting these car chase scenes back in the day and how they are shooting them in this modern-day and age with cutting-edge drones and tech. The scenes shown in the video will take you back and might give you an option to what to watch this weekend! Check out the video below.

Fast & Furious 9, set for a 2021 release, is the 10th installment in a franchise known for pushing the boundaries of car chases. But there has been a lot of technological innovation leading up to this point that originated in classic films like The French Connection and allowed for even more realistic and dynamic chases in newer films like Baby Driver and Extraction. In this episode of Movies Insider, we take a look at how the art of the car chase has evolved over eight decades in Hollywood, from the influential chase in Bullitt to the wild spectacles of the Fast & Furious franchise.

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