Videos Explore How Every Pixar Movie Improved The Art of 3D Animation


If you love Pixar movies, Check out these interesting videos from Movie Insider. The two videos examine how every Pixar movie that has been made improved and advanced 3D animation. There’s a lot of interesting insight here that I know Pixar fans will enjoy.

“Every Pixar movie has introduced its own technical problems.” In the video, they take a look at how “the unique worlds, characters, and practical challenges brought up by each Pixar movie pushed the studio to expand animation technology.”

The videos talk about the progress the studio has made over the years in various areas of computer tech, which includes shading, ray tracing, subdivision surfaces, subsurface scattering, translucency effects, cloth, cloth shading, hair simulation, fur simulation, volumetric clouds, advanced character rigging, and muscle movement on human characters.

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