Vin Diesel Enjoys Playing Dungeons & Dragons

Vin Diesel Enjoying Playing Dungeons & Dragons

Vin Diesel is now playing as the protagonist Kaulder from his latest film The Last Witch Hunter in a specially customized game of D&D put on by Nerdist and Dungeon Master Matthew Mercer from Geek & Sundry.

Here’s what Mercer has to say about the Witch Hunter character he designed for Diesel:

“The Witch Hunter is designed to play as a second-line combat class (more damage and utility than tanking) that can use its own health as a resource,” says Mercer in a language only fluent nerds will understand. “Single weapon combat makes for a fun, focused bit of balance and survivability, where dual-wielding with dual-Blood Rite becomes a dangerous trade for extra damage. Throw in the Crossbow Expert feat for a fun Melee + Hand crossbow or dual-hand crossbow build.”

You can watch the Vin Diesels inner geek enjoying playing Dungeons & Dragons below.

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