Vin Diesel Reveals the Logo for FAST X


Here we go again, The tenth movie in the Fast and Furious franchise is called Fast X, and as the movie starts production Vin Diesel has shared the logo for the movie. That logo came with the note, “Day One.”

We still don’t have any details regarding the story for this next movie, but it will be the first of two movies that bring the main saga to a close. I guess these next two movies are going to attempt to go larger and crazier than anything we’ve seen in the franchise before. That’s just what these movies have become, They have done almost everything, maybe this time God will come into the movie and they will pull his chariot with a muscle car or something along these lines.

Diesel did earlier tease that there are “angles coming” to the mythology that will make fans giggle. The cast includes Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson, Ludacris, Sung Kang, Charlize Theron, Jason Momoa as a flamboyant villain, and Brie Larson also recently joined the project.

The next two movies are filming back to back, and Diesel has said that the target release date is February 2023 for the first one and February 2024 for the second one.

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