Vin Diesel Will Be Bloodshot in Valiant Comics Adaptation

Vin Diesel

If you are a fan of Valiant comics, you will be glad to hear that multiple movie adaptations are one their way. At the moment, the Bloodshot movies seem to be in the spotlight, and we already know that the movie will star Vin Diesel.

The movie will be produced by Sony Pictures. Back in 2015 Sony and Valiant signed a deal for movie adaptations, and now it appears that they are finally in the works. We also know that the Bloodshot comic series will be upgraded and the new series will be launched this autumn.

The DMG Entertainment Valiant Comics Fandom will be glad to hear that even more movies aren’t on their way. It appears that five movies are planned. The first one is Bloodshot, and we also know about Harbinger, Harbinger Wars, and Shadowman. The last title wasn’t revealed just yet.


New comic book series

The Vin Diesel version will be the source of inspiration The man that will write the story is Time Seely who is also known for Revival and Hack/Slash, and artist Brett Booth will handle illustrations. Declan Shalvey will take care of the covers. More than that, on Comic Book Day Valiant, will also release a free comic.

When Tim Seely was asked about the upcoming comic book series this is what he had to say:

“I don’t feel like I need to reinvent the wheel with Bloodshot. What I need to do is tell a big, crazy story that can only be done in comics, and I need it to be powerful and emotional and relevant in a way only comics can do. I want to go back to basics and tell a story about a guy who was made to be a weapon but isn’t allowing anyone to use him ever again. He’s an outcast, an outsider, and he can’t help but use his indestructible body to help people, even though all it ever does is get him in trouble. With great power comes a great big pile of shell casings!”


How will the movie look like?

Unfortunately, there aren’t too many details available when it comes to Bloodshot movies. We know that filming began a couple of months ago. However, we don’t know anything about its plot yet. We do know that other actors such as Guy Pearce, Sam Heughan, Eiza Gonzalez, and Toby Kebbell will play in the movie as well. Michael Sheen was supposed to receive Guy Pearce’s role, but there was a change of plans due to scheduling conflicts.

Eric Hesserer and Jeff Wadlow will be the ones handling the script. There were also some rumors back in August that mentioned Jared Leto as a possible Bloodshot, while Dave Bautista was eyed for Eternal Warrior. Bloodshot will become available in theaters on February 21, 2020.

Vin Diesel in Bloodshot one-of-a-kind edition

The original Bloodshot comic was created by Kevin Van Hook, Don Perlin, and Bob Layton back in 1992. We find out the story of a wounded soldier which is almost revived with the use of nanotechnology, which offers him special abilities as well.

Vin Diesel will be at the heart of the new Bloodshot comics. In fact, the cover for it has already been revealed. The comic is supposed to be one of the rarest Bloodshot comics ever. The comic was created for Game4Paul and the Reach Out Worldwide organization should benefit from it. The organization was founded by Paul Walker. Vin Diesel also signed the comic, which makes it even more valuable.

This Bloodshot Salvation #12 edition is unique and the cover is an exclusive created by artist Lewis LaRosa. It appears that this choice was made because LaRosa is one of Vin Diesel’s favorite comic artists. Dinesh Shamdasani, who is the former Valiant Comics CEO and Chief Creative Officer, commissioned this art, and then it was given to Vin Diesel as a gift. It is nice to see that Diesel decided to use it for a good cause.

The image shows Vin Diesel as his character. While he still looks like the actor, he also has the red dot on his chest, as well as pale skin. In the picture, the character is also holding two guns and he has a menacing look on his face.

You can enter the contest for $20 in order to get a chance to win the comic book. Simply head over to the Game4Paul website where you can try your luck.

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