Viral Video With the Horrifying Screams of a Mysterious Creature


A family from Ontario Canada was hunting in the wold when they heard an terrifying howling screams in the distance. Smartphone in hand, they recorded the screams. And parts of the internet is now convinced the now-viral video is proof of Bigfoot.

Gino Meekis, an experienced hunter was with his wife and grandson hunting grouse on October 3rd about 50 KM outside of the town when they hear an eerie howl. Check out the video and turn on the sound:

‘We walked down a trail to see if we can find a bird, and on our way back to the vehicle, it started,” Meekis said in an interview. “When it let out the first scream, I thought it was a moose, but my mind changed when it screamed again and again.”

Meekis and his wife stopped for a moment to record the sound. His grandson, who can be heard in the video, started to howl back at the creature. Meekis said that his family retreated to their car shortly after that as the cadence of the howling increased.

“I’ve heard many different animals in the wild but nothing like this. I grew up hunting with my grandfather for the first 12 years of my life,” Meekis said.

Online cryptid enthusiasts are sayiing that the video is the evidence of Bigfoot. Ontario’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry isn’t convinced.

“Our biologists say it could be a larger mammal–for example a wolf–but because it’s a considerable distance from the recorder there is no way to know for sure,” Jolanta Kowalski, the media relations officer for Ontario’s Ministry of Resources and Forestry said in an email.

“While the majority of us no longer need be concerned about the threat of predatory animals, our advanced technological society has in no way absolved us of the capacity for inhumanity in its various forms,” Dr. David Floyd, an expert in monster mythology and Associate Professor of English at Charleston Southern University in Charleston, South Carolina, said in an interview

“Even in the 21st century, the notion of a half-human, half-beast figure is appealing, as, to some degree, we recognize it both as contrast to our civility and analogue of our primal potential,” he added.

Floyd pointed out that we “anthropomorphize” our fears, and that nature is still a primal and often dangerous force that humans have yet to totally master.

“One of our primary fears is that of nature, or that which lurked in nature that could dispatch us should we let our guard down or wander too far from the locus of civilization,” Floyd said.

Whether Bigfoot is real or not, Meekis and his family did encounter something horrifying in the middle of no where in Ontario. As long as people continue to hunt the enigmatic monster, there will always be fans for videos purporting to have some evidence.

“Hope springs eternal,” stated Floyd. “That next video just might be the one that proves without a doubt what researchers have suspected and experiencers have known all along.”

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