Visit the Teardrop of India with the ETA Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is one of those countries are not usually at the top of travelers’ dream lists and this is because it is a corner of the world that is still free from mass tourism, yet this small island, which among so many names holds the title of “the tear of India”, is a place full of wonders that is worth visiting for a once in a lifetime experience, so run through your eTa Sri Lanka and get to know the land of a thousand names.


What to visit in Sri Lanka?


Polonnaruwa, was the capital of Sri Lanka from the 11th to the 13th century, is one of the most visited places on this beautiful island. This ancient city forms one of the vertexes of the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka, along with two other important cities of ancient Ceylon, Anuradhapura, and Sigiriya. All of them are located in the central north of the island and have been declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

In the extensive archaeological site of Polonnaruwa, there are several well-preserved monuments, including the Buddhas of Gal Vihara. These three large Buddhas perfectly carved on the surface of a rock, in different positions each one of them, is one of the most essential places to see in Sri Lanka. To get to Polonnaruwa, you can rent a car with a driver in Kandy to make a route through the Cultural Triangle.

For the rental of these cars in Kandy is better to book in advance as it has a lot of demand, so prepare in advance your eTa Sri Lanka and upon arrival to the islands make the reservation of the car in Kandy.


Minneriya National Park

One wonder of this island is that there are several national parks in Sri Lanka where you can see animals in the wild, especially elephants. One of the most impressive for the surrounding landscape, and the amount of elephants you can see, is the Minneriya National Park.

In this extensive park, near the Cultural Triangle, you can make a safari in an all-terrain vehicle that will allow you to approach and enjoy watching the pachyderms without invading their space and always respecting their natural environment.

Although any time of day is good to enjoy Minneriya National Park, you can keep in mind that twice a day the elephants come to the lakes to drink and take a refreshing bath, so this would be a good time to get to the area in the all-terrain vehicle.


Sigiriya, one of the best places to see in Sri Lanka

Sigiriya, also known as the Lion Rock, is one of the most famous archaeological sites and one of the must-see places in Sri Lanka and to visit you only need the eTa Sri Lanka.

Its most attractive feature is its location on top of a large stone rock almost 400 meters high, the result of a volcano eruption, where when you reach the top, you will find the ruins of King Kasyapa’s palace, and incredible views of the whole environment. The climb to the top is not as difficult as it seems and is done by a staircase that begins with an entrance decorated with the claws of a lion.


ETA Sri Lanka to travel

ETA is an acronym for Electronic Travel Authorization, which is an e-visa that you can apply online to enter Sri Lanka without problems. The Sri Lanka eTa visa is issued via the internet and is available approximately 72 hours after filling out the application form. This permit is available for several countries around the world, including India and most European countries.

If you want to travel to Sri Lanka for tourism, eTa Sri Lanka will replace the need to have a regular visa, so you save a lot of paperwork, office queues, and trouble. It is important to know that this permit is for all travelers, even tourists from India will also need to get a Sri Lanka eTA and other people from other countries.

There are many places to see in Sri Lanka, a country that stands out for its cultural heritage, its incredible natural landscapes and the friendly people who always carry a big smile on their faces. The landscapes of the north bathed in tea fields on the mountain slopes, the natural parks where you can see elephants and leopards, the Buddhas with their fine rock carvings, among many other things, make Sri Lanka a perfect destination for every traveler.

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