Voice-Activated Monopoly Game Removes The Human Banking Frauds

Voice-Activated Monopoly

It is a truth globally acknowledged, that bagsying the role of banker in Monopoly is pure class.

A new voice-activated version of the banking game, however, makes the financial position redundant.

Monopoly Voice Banking, set to release on July 1, features Rich Uncle Pennybags as the voice-assistant Banker, managing players’ money via his electronic top hat.

The basic gameplay is still the same: roll the dice, move around the board, buy properties, collect rent, pass Go and collect $200.

Press a button on the top of the hat and say a command—” Pay rent on Marvin Gardens” or “Buy St. James Place”—and the artificially intelligent Monopoly Man will take care of the rest.

In fact, the biggest difference (aside from a glowing plastic topper at the center of the board) is the lack of paper money and Chance/Community Chest cards. Mr. Monopoly now handles all cash transactions, whether you’re buying properties, paying and receiving rent, or checking balances.

Available now to pre-order from Walmart, the $29.92 board game is fitting for two to four players ages eight and up.

Hasbro last year released a cheater’s edition of the game, which asks players to carry out certain deceptive tasks.


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