Wal-Mart Will Turn Their Parking Lots Into Drive-In Movie Theaters


COVID-19 keeping all movie theaters shut down for a long period of time, Wal-Mart has announced plans to change their big parking lots into drive-in movie theaters in August.

Drive-in theaters are all the trend right now. People are loving them! You can watch a movie on a big screen in the convenience of your own car. There are no concerns about coming in contact with any other people.

Here’s the tweet that Wal-Mart sent out:

This is a very cool and smart idea and I was thinking why not all the big stores change their parking lots into drive-ins. They’ve certainly got the parking lot space to do it! It also opens up the opportunity for many people to enjoy the drive-in movie experience that doesn’t live near a proper drive-in theater.

There were no details given on what movies Wal-Mart is preparing to show at its drive-in theaters, but they’ve built a website that sets early August for their screenings.



Will you be attending one of these Wal-Mart drive-ins!?


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