The Walking Dead Season 5 Will Be In Urban Setting


The Walking Dead Producer Gale Anne Hurd recently told EW that Season 5 will be more of an urban setting, and will feature a place ominously known as The City Of The Dead.

“The show has spent a lot of time in primarily rural settings. But you’re never going to find the cure to the zombie apocalypse in the sticks. Now with them embarking on a mission, they have to reenter what we call the City of the Dead.”

Hurd goes on to say that the stakes will be raised due to the new situations these characters find themselves in, saying,

“There are many cities of the dead that they’ll have to encounter to complete their mission. So not only does it make it more difficult because of the number of walkers, but also there are more hiding places in which human antagonists can lurk. So, however stiff and difficult the stakes have been up until this season, now they’ve been raised even further.”


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