War Thunder coming to the PlayStation 4

The popular MMO developer, Gaijin Entertainment has come out with the news that they are connected to Sony’s new-gen console PlayStation 4. They claim that War Thunder is planned for PS4 for the 2013 holiday season. The creative director of the developer, Kirill Yudintsev says that getting connected with Sony Computer Entertainmentis the best natural development for their game title.

The game franchise had immensely successful kick-off on PC, having sold to over 1.5 million gamers. Recently, they had also announced the development of War Thunder version for the fast-growing mobile device segment.

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Gamers and fans can check the teaser for the War Thunder Ground Forces online. The title is currently in its beta version, and is set to deliver first-person action game play through air, ground and sea battles from the WWII. Gaijin would be using the power of the new console for redefining the game’s game play. It is claimed to have powerful graphics, more speed, social features, better AI and new cloud options.

The developer also plans to add a better head-tracking system, simple and instant options for recording, streaming and sharing homemade game play videos and support the PlayStation cloud. The new game on PS4 is expected to run striking realistic dynamics of flights with the highest level of precision in terms of detailing of the tanks, planes and warships. In fact, the controls also look to be almost real and intuitive with the PS4’s new DualShock 4 controller.

The creative director further added that the developer’s association with Sony would not just help improve the franchise; it would also offer a new gaming experience to its fans, never experienced before. They plan to use the potent power of the new PlayStation and its next-gen PC entertainment system for redefining the title’s gameplay.

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Industry experts already claim that PlayStation 4 is the most powerful game console so far and with the most stunning features. Gaijin would also capitalize on the feature of the console to record, share and stream gameplay videos. Gamers would be able to record any part of the game play, especially their achievements and share with friends and peers on social networks. By all chances, War Thunder and even PS4 are expected to be released this winter.

There are many features that make the PS4 a state-of-the-art console by today’s standards. It has Remote Play streaming controlled by hardware that eliminated the developers from the need to do anything extra for enabling it. Another new feature is that the PS App on Android and iOS phones and PC tablets would enable gamers to buy and download games from any location away from their console. Therefore, when gamers get to their console, they would be able to start playing the game even if it is getting installed.

The console has a new camera that is capable of everything ranging from killcam taunts to walk through videos to speech recognition and login. The PlayStation Camera can detect the new controller’s light bar for a wide range of applications. One interesting feature is that when two gamers swap positions, the camera can also swap positions automatically. With many other new innovative features like these, the PS4 is certainly going to redefine gaming, and Gaijin would be the better to take advantage of these features for its fan-following.

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