Warner Bros. Think Superman Is Not Relevant to Modern Audiences and It’s Insane!


In a new report from Variety, it’s made clear that Warner Bros. has no idea how to manage the iconic superhero Superman. It’s revealed that they don’t think that he’s important to modern audiences, so they are looking to somebody like J.J. Abrams and Michael B. Jordan to help them make Superman great again. But really… Superman is completely relevant! The fact they think he’s not is crazy to me!

Seriously, if they don’t know out how to tell a decent Superman story today, they shouldn’t be producing movies. Superman is more relevant now than he’s ever been! This is a time the world needs a decent Superman movie most! If Mister Rogers and the things he developed are still applicable today, so is Superman! The character is forever relevant!

The studio just requires to hire people who really know how to tell his story, but they don’t need to make him appropriate because he already is. They are all right there in the comic books. Many of Superman stories that touch on issues that relate to what is occurring in the world today. Superman is a really and truly a good person and a signal of hope who uses his power to help people and keep the world safe and he also holds others with power answerable for their actions. How can they not see the importance of that!?

They clearly have no knowledge of the character of Superman and how awesome he is to us and also what he stands for and means to the world, and that just makes me unhappy. If Marvel’s Kevin Feige got a hold of Superman, he’d know what to do with him! Maybe they should give the rights to Marvel!


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