WarnerMedia’s New Streaming Service Will Cost $16-$17 Per Month with HBO and Cinemax Bundle


WarnerMedia is preparing to launch their own streaming service and now we have some extra information on it to share with you today.

According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, the new streaming service will probably cost $16 to $17 dollars a month, which seems costly compared to other streaming services, but they are going to bundle it together with HBO and Cinemax.

The WarnerMedia streaming service is said to debut in beta form at the end of 2019. The original plan was to start it with three tiers, which comes with an entry-level movie-focused package; a service with original programming and movies; and one that provided the content in the first two-plus a library of WarnerMedia and licensed content. But that three-tier plan has been scrapped in favor of this single plan.

If this is true this is awesome for people who are already subscribed to HBO, which is $15 a month, so if they can get a completely new streaming service with loads of cool stuff along with HBO and Cinemax for a dollar or two more a month, that is simply awesome.

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