Watch Hilarious 80 Bugs Bunny Shorts To Celebrate Bugs’ 80th Birthday!

looney tunes

Bugs Bunny, from WB’s Looney Tunes cartoon series, is 80-years-old now, and to commemorate, a video has been published featuring 80 classic hilarious Bugs Bunny shorts!

That’s right, it’s Bugs’ 80th and we cannot just pick one best moment of Bugs, so we are throwing in 80 Bugs Bunny shorts into a compilation to celebrate! A very Happy Birthday to the most iconic Bunny/Hare/Wabbit himself, Bugs

Looney Tunes is the best and I loved it! They always made me laugh with light and hilarious jokes and they still do! Bugs Bunny is an all-time favorite cartoon character and you can relive your childhood with this compilation video.

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