Watch The Incredible Miniature Sets Used in BLADE RUNNER 2049

Blade Runner 2049

In some cases, old-school technologies are the best and computer software are not the answer to everything. The visual effects wizards who worked on the brilliant futuristic version of Los Angeles in Blade Runner 2049, shows in a new featurette and we will see how the filmmakers relied on detailed miniature sets and buildings instead of just building it all in CG.

In this new short, Weta Workshop gives us a tour of the inside shops. Their work is brilliantly detailed, and when filmed with the right camera angle, lens, frame speed, and lighting, it can actually look more realistic than any most modern CG. The creators use 3D modeling software to design the scale-model cities, but they are all built, painted and weathered by a group of artists which are pretty good. Check out the video below.

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