Watch The Making Of A Working BATMAN Grappling Hook!

Working BATMAN Grappling Hook

Batman is always packing amazing gadgets, but what is the most popular and useful gadget of his? of course it is the Bat Grappling Hook. Currently, handheld grappling hooks don’t exist in real life, but the Hacksmith is on his way to making them a reality!

The video ends with him testing the propulsion of the device and teasing us that he has another video that will bring the ability to pull the user with enough force up to the location!

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It sounds cool in theory, but it can be really dangerous if something pull you up, this violently. I can’t stress enough on how many things can go wrong!

You can lose your grip on the ascent and take a hard fall and splat, You dislocate your shoulder due to the force of the pull and the weight of your body, So diet before you even think of attempting this climb, Your limbs flail crazily as you ascend causing you to crash into the building and fall, again SPLAT! The wall you’re attached to gives due to the weight and you fall, and yet again as you have guessed it, SPLAAATTT!

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