Watch The Brilliant New 12 Min Footage of Mafia 3

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Check out the brilliant 12 minutes footage of Mafia 3, Via IGN. It is not just another open world game which will try to be as good as GTA, but it is much more. I am sure it wont be on the same grand scale as GTA but it has so much more to offer. I love the finishing moves in the game they are full of gore and made you a badass as soon as you perform one finisher. I also like the driving dynamics of the game it might not as sharp as GTA but it looks and feel awesome, Love how cars can turn and engulf in flames after a glorious bang. Hoping that Mafia 3 will be as good as it seems and it will worth all the wait.

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Check out some awesome finishing Gifs which I made to give you a glimpse of what to expect from the game.

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