Watch The Map Of The Most Famous Video Game Console In Every Country

TheToyZone analyzed Google Search volumes in order to track down the most famous console in every country. Four of the top five most searched-for toys are video game consoles and of those, the PS5 gets the most monthly searches on average.

In fact, the only non-console toy among the top 5 most searched is LEGO. It looks like the Nintendo Switch beats the popularity contest however coming in as the most popular console in 69 countries. These infographics are always entertaining to look at, but I do have to wonder about the methodology. Given the problem, people have had in obtaining the PS5.

It would be fascinating to see identical searches researched to see if they have sifted out people just searching if a game is on a certain console.

Check out the infographic for results in all the different categories of toys.

Infographic credit TheToyZone.

Most Famous Video Game Console In Every Country

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