Watch The Video of Chopping Machine From Hell

2015-12-17 20_04_11-Store

Swedish engineer Simone Giertz has created a handy machine to take on the routine activities of daily life such as chopping fruits and vegetables. To conquer this particular task Giertz put together a slightly terrifying chopping machine, which looks more like some medieval torture machine. Results aren’t perfect and I might not buy it for my home, but the idea is incredibly clever, along with Giertz’s sense of humor.

Keeping all ten fingers – In conclusion, using the chopping machine proved to be quite a terrifying experience. But it worked and managed to chop broccoli, lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, zucchini cucumbers and bananas. Just about anything really! I give the Chopping Machine 7/10 points. It worked, but that didn’t mean that it did a good job.

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