Watching Movies, Good or Bad For Children?


It is a universal fact that, everything in this world has its own positive and negative effects on the user. The final result depends on how carefully we treat the matter. All we have to do for a good impact is to concentrate on its positive side. Similarly, in case of watching movies, kids may have good or bad impact; parents should filter the watch list and mould the entertainment in an educational way.

Years ago, children were more attached to family and nature. The joint family included grandparents who care and pamper them with stories and lullabies. Also, kids used to play out-door and thus get to know more about nature. Now days, the joint family is very rare and concept of nuclear family has limited the grandparent’s time for children to just vacation holidays. However, the modern world keeps finding something new for the entertainment as well as learning activities for the children.

Movies become one of the main leisure time activities of child when parents are working personals or if they get busy into house making. Certain surveys depict that babies love watching colourful animation, songs or cartoons even from their age of 6months. As a part of parenting, we should encourage kids to watch informative programs instead of watching meaningless fights, songs or films.

Kids are very innocent and they have the intense grasping power to imitate what they like. This is the main reason why experts say that violent scenes will have negative impact on children and should avoid such practise. Spending time for television without any control will also affect the sight, brain development and minimise interest for other activities.

Children usually make some cartoon characters as their role models or favourites. Some cartoons have action hero like ninja who fight for the goodness of people and world; but without knowing the reason, kids may act the same fights with friends at home or school. This is an example for bad impact.

On other side, movies and cartoons are one of the best sources for learning languages; latest DTH connections enable foreign language channels also in addition to the native or local channels. If your kid is showing interest in talking foreign languages, what are you waiting for? Stop wasting money for language training classes; subscribe foreign education channels and keep them entertained and sociable as well. You need not to wait till next bill payment for subscription; online facilities are there to manage our channel list. You can check coupon sites by clicking here and check this website over here. You may also be used for the DTH recharge — not only children, everyone can learn new languages with the help of subtitles available.

Each and every movie have different story and hence we can never conclude as movies are bad for them; influence differs upon the story of the film. For example, a comedy film will give more fun and relaxation while a subject movie gives good message associating the day to day happenings. Likewise, songs and dance also attracts kids much easier. Analysis says that those children who listen and watch songs or dance develops artistic interest comparatively sooner and deeply than normal kids.

The best way to train children regarding television entertainment is to control their timing and content of watching right from the beginning; never wait until the dramatic life take over child’s mind.  Also, never allow kids to eat in front of TV once they are grownup enough to eat themselves; this loses the ability to eat according to needs, chances for becoming couch potatoes are higher in such cases.

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