WATERBORN – Australian-Set Zombie Kangaroo Film

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Waterborn is one incredible zombie horror short movie. The story is set in Australia, and an epidemic hits that turns humans and animals into zombies.For the first time you will see a zombie kangaroo, and it’s bloody spectacular.

Here’s the synopsis:

When a local ranger in a small country town finds an unidentified algae overwhelming the water supply, he knows that something’s not right. But it’s not until the sun goes down that he discovers the true extent of the danger – it seems the town is about to experience the effects of a mysterious infection that turns not only humans – but animals too – into zombies. Australian wildlife has never been so terrifying…

The film was directed by Ryan Coonan for Octopod Films and Veritas Entertainment, in association with Deadpan Films. The short serves as a prequel to a feature film project that is currently in development.

Shot on location in regional Victoria, Australia, the film only came about due to the amazing support from over 250 crowdfunding backers, who helped fund the creation of an incredible zombie kangaroo puppet, as well as a digitally animated zombieroo.

Waterborne from Octopod Films on Vimeo.

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