Weapon of Mass Instruction, Library On Wheels Which Looks Like a Tank

Library On Wheels

Buenos Aires artist Raul Lemesoff created the Arma de Instruccion Masiva (Weapon of Mass Instruction), a mobile library that looks like a tank that is used to give books throughout Buenos Aires and the rest of Argentina. The project is run only as a method to give books freely; the artist asks only that the recipients pledge to read the books they receive.

The ADIM is… a unique piece of art, protest, encouragement, an image from another dimension in this set. It conveys a specific message that transcends the boundaries of art and traditional art, the site of action outside museums, cultural centers or libraries.

Beverage company 7 Up created a short film starring Lemesoff as he and his monster, book-covered vehicle give books to kids and grown-ups alike in his own style of euphoric energy.


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